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Jazzed up with seasonings and condiments, it’s a worthy dish. Brussel sprouts taste so a lot better when sliced skinny and roasted in the oven. I have had them prepared candy and savory, and both are equally good. The candy version had a buttery maple syrup sauce that was so good. To make it more healthy, my home model simply had a drizzle of the sauce. We love losing monumental quantities of time on reddit.

Jinich brings genuine Mexican flavors, colors and heat to house kitchens. In each episode she journeys through the country where she was born and raised,… The sun soaked island of Corsica to the almond covered isle of Mallorca, Yotam discovers the culinary jewels of the Mediterranean which have captured his… This sequence Food & Cooking, comply with noma founder RenĂ© Redzepi and his dynamic international staff as they create an unique menu that reflects …