Is Taking Care of Your Skin a Form of Self-Care?

14/02/2022 romy 0 Comments

When you hear somebody say they could use a chemical or a facial peel in the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore, what comes to mind first? Do you have visions of self-indulgence and a leisure day… or do you consider it an essential aspect of basic hygiene as well as self-care?

To be honest, far too many individuals associate essential skincare with indulgence or luxury. They consider the money and time investment involved with enhanced skincare as superfluous, too luxurious, or even an inefficient use of resources as they rush about from place to place in their busy life.

Many of the same people, on the other hand, would not hesitate to go to the dentist for a routine cleaning or to the stylist for a trim and full conditioning therapy. In fact, many of you viewing this essay undoubtedly think of both as essential components of regular self-care.

What’s the difference, and should this mentality be altered? We believe so, and here’s why!

Your Skin Matters

“Beauty is only skin-deep,” as you’ve likely heard.

So, let’s see…

Yes, that is technically correct. Your personality and character will always be important.  After all, it’s what creates you, and it’s always changing with you from the minute you’re born until you pass away.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t respect your looks or your self-image, or that you should feel bad about focusing on beauty and skincare.

Although at first, it may appear unlikely, the skin is an organ that performs a critical function. It shields you from the outside environment, defends you from the light, and even shields you from infection. The skin is also the most visible manifestation of individual health and wellbeing (when you’re healthy, it shows), allowing you to express yourself to the world through makeup.

Your skin, like you, is important. You deserve to have healthy, bright skin that reflects your inner individuality and well-being. You deserve to have some time and pay attention to yourself and your appearance.

Getting there depends on you, but you shouldn’t feel guilty prioritizing it.

Skincare Regimens Are Self-Care

If you search for the dictionary definition of self-care, it is rather straightforward. “The practice of taking measures to improve or preserve a person’s health,” it says. That is why most people eat clean, drink more water, have sufficient exercise, and maintain a routine sleep schedule.

But regarding beauty regimens, things appear to become quite nuanced. We usually feel that excessive fixation on beauty somehow takes our inner light, making moral character or personality “less important.”

That is not true! The beauty regimen is as important a part of the self-care plan as anything else needed to boost health.

Self-care is described as any of your actions to focus on and take care of yourself as an individual. And yes, that does include the way you handle your skin, whether you’re the individual going for “soap, water, wash, and go” or someone who gets a facial every two weeks with some fillers to plump the lips.

Moisturizers, makeup, fillers, skin treatments in the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore – whatever you think works best to make you feel more confident and comfortable is a form of self-care. You’re taking care of your self-esteem, self-image, confidence, personal, all of which are very crucial to your overall wellness.

Consider your time spent on a beauty regimen. You focus on your needs and yourself, at the same time offering your skin what it needs to thrive, glow, look, and perform its greatest. That isn’t pampering (at least in the sense of feelings of guilt that often accompany it); instead, it is simply proper self-care.